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The attorneys of Presley Law tirelessly work to protect your rights. s a client, you receive 24/7 free access to the lawyers of Presley Law, discounted rates, estimates prior to any work being incurred and costs being charged. We also will work with you on payment plans and promise to never threaten to leave your side just because you cannot pay on time, like other firms will. Our business model is designed to make sure your livelihood remains intact.

Presley Law

The Presley Promise

You see the ads all the time. "You owe us nothing unless we win." How ominous.

Yes. Contingency fees agreements are a great in helping avoid up front costs of litigation, but that's only helpful if you're the plaintiff. If you're a defendant, this isn't really an option for you. Further, what the ads don't tell you is that these contingency fees can be as high as 40% of your recovery, and that you are still responsible for the costs on top of that 40%.

Imagine sitting down to settle a case for $500,000.00 That's a lot of money. But, that's before you take out the costs of litigation. You may be down to $350,000.00 if it is a normal action that has gone on for years. But, you're not entitled to that. No. Those law firms now get to take their 40% contingency fee. So, in the end you receive $210,00.00. Let's not mince words. $210,000.00 is a lot of money, but you started at half a million dollars.

At Presley Law, in addition to never charging you for access to us, contingency fees starting in cases opened after July 2020 will be capped at below the prevailing rate. 30 is the new 40.

Further, as in all of our cases, you will see cost and fee estimates before any costs are incurred. You will always know what to expect beforehand. This is true whether you agree to a contingency fee or an hourly basis.

Lastly, Presley law will always work with you regarding your payments. It is quite common for lawyers will seek to resign or withdraw if they do not get paid on time. They will threaten their clients with their withdrawal before a big hearing or on the eve of trial. We will never do that to you. 

So, you get 24/7 free access to the lawyers of Presley Law, discounted rates, estimates prior to any work being incurred and costs being charged. That way, you can plan ahead. And, in the event that something comes up, you get our promise that we will not leave you high and dry because you're late with a payment. How many firms can offer you that?

Michael Robert Presley.jpg

Michael Presley

  • Nova University School of Law

  • Johns Hopkins MBA - HCM & Global Leadership

  • Stanford GSB Lead Program

  • Certified Healthcare Risk Manager

  • Attorney

Michael Presley has worked as a health care attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar since 1980. During this time he has provided clients with a variety of health care law services, emphasizing the defense of medical malpractice claims and issues related to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), including a number of ERISA claims in connection with Miami Children’s Hospital. Several of these cases have been covered at local law schools. He is a certified and licensed healthcare risk manager.

As an undergraduate, Michael was a fixture of his school’s dean’s and president’s lists for academic achievement. He received his law degree from the Nova Southeastern University College of Law, graduating cum laude as a member of the university’s Law Review. Michael recently received his MBA from the prestigious Johns Hopkins, graduating at the top of his class. Beyond his professional activities, he maintains membership with several legal organizations, including the Florida Bar and multiple federal district courts.

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