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Serving South Florida Since 1980,

Presley Law Provides Minority, Small Businesses with "In-House" Counsel Subscription Plans

Protecting Small Businesses

To be successful in business, you must navigate the always changing legal landscape, which sees laws and regulations constantly added or revised. Large businesses are thought to hold a distinct advantage over small businesses and solo practitioners as they can afford to employ in-house counsel who they have exclusive access to.

For over 35 years, Presley Law has sought to help minority, small business owners and solo practitioners navigate the Florida and federal legal environment by serving as their "in-house" counsel--offering them the same advantages but at a fraction of the cost.

We know how hard and stressful operating a minority, small family business can be because we are one. Allow us to help reduce and alleviate that stress by being their daily for your company by offering superior protection in this litigious climate.


Our Business Sectors


Business Law

Operating a business can place a target on your back. Without the aid of a lawyer, you might find yourself entering into one-sided, unfair contracts or be unknowingly exposed to financial ruin. Our firm can draft and negotiate contracts to avoid the former, and set up your small business with the best business structure that provides the biggest advantages for your security and bottom line so that you can avoid the latter.


Health Law

Our firm is here for doctors from general practitioners to specialists. As professionals, there is an inherent danger with businesses. We don't just offer Medical Malpractice Defense. We're here to ensure your business complies with Stark, Anti-Trust, Anti-Kickback, and other federal and state laws, and draft and negotiate contracts with vendors and hospitals. We even will defend you should the hospital or medical board seek administrative actions.


Trusts and Estates

Every small business owner knows the value of family--and this includes your pets. You want to make sure your family is taken care of when the inevitable occurs. From setting up family trusts and pet trusts that will allow you to protect and pass on your legacy to your family to drafting wills, we can do all that, often with drastically reduced rates. 


Patent Law

Your business is your life. While it is important to protect yourself, it's also important to protect your business. Slogans, logos, corporate images all need to be protected so that others cannot profit off the goodwill your small business established. Our firm has substantial experience with trademarking, patenting, and copyrighting. 


Real Estate Closings

As an active practice with Old Republic and The Fund since 2013, Presley Law can provide you with assistance on home closings at discounted rates. From serving as escrow agent, where we hold your funds until it is time to make the payment, to drafting deeds and closing documents, and to even creating land trusts to protect your ownership and privacy, Presley Law is here for you to ensure that your investment is secured.

Our Partners

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There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

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