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In House Counsel Minus the Expense

We do things a bit differently from most firms. Whether a small business or an individual needing representation in a personal matter, we never bill you to talk with any of us. We're your lawyers. You pay us to help you. How can we do that if we do not get the complete story? Many times clients at other firms will rush through their calls because they don't want to incur high fees. With Presley Law, you will never be charged by us for a phone call, an email, or a text. Initial consultations and office consultations are also free.

Small businesses and solo practitioners that become our clients will have unlimited, free access to Michael Presley and Robert Presley. That is 24/7 Free Access.

What will you be charged for? Tangible work performed. If you cannot hold it and review it, you should not be charged for it, and that's our promise to you.


Clients who opt for our subscription service as outlined below will receive 5%, 10%, or even 20% off our hourly rates, which are $500.00 per hour for Michael Presley and $450 per hour for Robert Presley.

Implemented in July of  2020, Presley Law will provide you with an advanced estimate of the work before beginning any work on your case so that you know ahead of time what you can expect to pay. In our 35 combined years of experience, no firm we have seen can offer you that. 

Finally, unlike other firms, we offer Interest free payment plans. I am sure there are firms who would love to boast about this (if they offered it) as a response to the Covid-19 closures, but this is something we have offered since we first started back in the 1980s.

Our goal is to work with you, and not stress you over the finances. See? I told you we do things differently.

Robert Presley


Once the attorney-client relationship is established, you will be given the option to subscribe to one of three tiers. These are often thought of as earned retainers. To be perfectly clear, choosing one over the other does not give you preferential treatment. You will still receive the same access to both lawyers of the firm 24/7 to answer or address any of your legal issues in a time critical fashion.


All the subscription does is reduce the hourly rate--not control your access to us. subscriptions are available to both small business owners and individuals seeking representation for all matters.

Michael's Normal Hourly Rate - $600.00

Robert's Normal Hourly Rate - $550.00

Tier 1 - $500.00 Per Month

5% Discount

$570.00- Michael's Hourly Rate

$522.50 - Robert's Hourly Rate

Tier 2 - $1,000.00 Per Month

10% Discount

$540- Michael's Hourly Rate

$495.00 - Robert's Hourly Rate

Tier 3 - $1,500.00 Per Month

20% Discount

$480.00 - Michael's Hourly Rate

$440.00- Robert's Hourly Rate

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